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Carpet Cleaning

Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

One of the things most used, yet most overlooked, are our carpets. Whether in your home or your business, stubborn carpet stains, foul odors, and allergens are no match for Pristine Carpet Cleaning & Home Services.

Don’t let your carpets bring down the aesthetics and can affect the comfort levels of your space.
Our Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Include;

  • Pet Stain and Oder Removal
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Low Moisture Encapsulation
  • Office Carpet Cleaning
  • Hotel and Lobby Carpet Cleaning
  • Home Carpet Cleaning
  • Stain Removal
  • PH Testing
  • Allergen Removal
  • And much more

Call Pristine Carpet Cleaning today for all your carpet cleaning needs!

Upholstery Cleaning Services

Your furniture is part of your home and part of your life, whether it’s your favorite sofa or the office chair you can’t live without, don’t let stains or odars make you give up something you love. Our furniture goes through a lot, and if you have that one piece you can’t let go, we have news for you! You don’t have to!

Our process allows us to renew your furniture and get rid of stubborn stains and odars, while our hot water treatment sanitizes and rids your sofa of dust and other allergens. Our 11-step process to clean upholstery is unmatched.
Our Upholstery Cleaning Services Include;

  • Pre-inspection to determine the best treatment
  • Spot Removal Solutions
  • Hot water treatment
  • The Sapphire Scietific upholstery tool for fast drying
  • Automovtive Cleaning
  • Couch & Love Seat Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Pet Stain and Odar Treatment
  • And much more!
Upholstery Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

Why Choose Us

  • We have the best tools and processes on the market to deal with any of your cleaning needs! Our tools are used for several things lie, removing stains, fast drying, allergen removal, and more.
  • We focus on our clients needs, budget, and service to evaluate the best process for the specific situation. We know each person is different and we know the difference between one home and another can be staggering. Whether your dealing with stubborn pet stains or your sofa has faced a toddler with a marker head on, we have you covered and have the best solution for you!
  • Our reviews show how much we respect our customers. Each job is done with professionalism and compassion. We know how much you love your property and we treat each home just as we would we treat our own.

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